Thumbs up:

Nachos. Running. Back-to-back episodes of Law and Order. Good grammar. Diet root beer. Movies that involve karate and explosions. Hot weather. Anything that involves the lake. Good stories over cold beers. Blue BIC pens with a medium point. Dark wood furniture. Trusting your instincts. Cracking open a second bottle of wine. Even numbers. Stick-on heating pads and a McFlurry during my princess time of the month. Learning for the sake of learning. Broad shoulders. Paper shredders. NFL on HDTV. Nerd glasses. Any scent that reminds me of the color blue. Playing blackjack with someone else’s money. Secondhand stores. Symmetry. Talking with strangers. Dreaming in Spanish. Gay men who tell me I’m beautiful. Jell-O. A good wasabi burn. Blackberry season. Shiny things.

Thumbs down:

Those caveman Geico commercials. Going to concerts. Most animals. People who use big words to sound smarter. Fanta. Back rubs that don’t involve the Thumbs of Death. Insincere compliments. People who make noise when they kiss. Inconsiderate drivers. Whiskey. Later finding out that he’s got a girlfriend. Dogs. Cheap shoes. Thoughtless presents. Unscented candles. Horses. Slow walkers. People who snap their gum. The color green. Bowling, no matter how much I drink. People who can’t take a goddamn joke. People who get pissy when I say goddamn. Being touched on the face. Anything peach-flavored.


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