And then I’m gone

As soon as I put in an offer on a house in my current city, I immediately got buyer’s remorse. Read a few psych books and draw your own conclusions, but it was immediately suffocating to think that I was staying in this city.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with where I currently reside. I like that it’s easy to get anywhere quickly. I like the outdoorsy things to do. I like that there’s no traffic. People here complain about the lack of culture, but I have seen just as many shows as when I lived in Chicago’s theater district, and museums are really, REALLY not my thing no matter the location. My ten months here have gone well, and I’m glad I came.

When I went to my new home’s inspection, a few issues were found. I’m not going to give a study hall on GFI and wire grounding, but take my word when I say it’s rather important. I asked that things be remedied, and the owner agreed. When I showed up a few days prior to closing to see the work, the “remedy” was a half-assed solution.

I took this opportunity to back out of the contract, eat the dollars I spent on the inspection, and come up with a new game plan. Suddenly my panicked wheezing stopped.

With the Chicago condo still not sold, I’m heading back there for a bit. I know I’m on a ticking clock with winter approaching, but it’ll save me a gazillion dollars a month, renew some social connections, and allow me to enjoy my favorite time of year in a city I love.

The plan after that? Who the frig knows?!


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