The woman with amazing hair turns 30

When your high school has only 600 kids, you know everyone and his or her business.

My circles involved sports, whereas hers were in the arts. Both thankfully avoiding any drama of the typical teenaged lack-of-a-developed-frontal-cortex variety, we had no animosity, yet we had no overlap either.

Years beyond high school, Tom Anderson came up with the far inferior, pre-Facebook social networking site. Being click-happy, Jamie and I became connected through the site. Witticisms were shared, and photos commented on. All in all, Jamie turned out well. Among the messages of strange men making indecent suggestions, Jamie sent a message announcing that she was moving to Chicago — my home city at the time.

Unlike another high school acquaintance whose friendship was attempted and promptly rejected when she too made her move 1200 miles north of our sleepy little town, I had no hesitation with welcoming Jamie to my fair city.

It took a little while before we finally met up, but Margarita Tuesday was launched. Our first outing brought us TeJays, Officer Tony, nefarious iPod catalogs, a pink bear with boxing gloves, and construction workers from the Trump Tower. Despite ridiculous schedules, we were fast friends from there.

I have seen Jamie through bad dates, compensated her last break-up with badass theater tickers, and subsequently been welcomed into her (nearly marital!) domestic life with the oh-so-awesome Rodney.

In turn, she’s seen me through dates with various panty-sniffers, cheered me on when I recognized it was time for me to move, welcomed me back excitedly when I returned, and — in an act I so appreciate and will forever remember — took me into her home, fed me ice cream and tacos, and all-around helped take care of me when Very Bad Things happened.

She’s kind, funny, and loyal. She’s got a combo of social smarts and sass that puts any leading lady to shame. She wears eye shadow better than anyone ever has.

I’m so happy to call her my friend, even if I’m jealous of her amazing rack and mermaid-like hair.

Happy 30th birthday, Jamie. You are certainly loved!


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