Now, and what’s coming up next

As can be expected, things aren’t going so hot here. I mean, yeah, I’m fine. I have my health. I have my monies protected. I’m surrounded by good friends. I’m gonna make it. Blah blah blah.

But much like a pregnant woman viewing a commercial for dryer sheets, I’m prone to inappropriate bouts of tears. Being the sort of person with little emotional reaction to, well, anything, it’s getting rather annoying. Damn these human-esque traits!

And because emotional instability is THE BEST time to make major decisions, I just put in an application on an apartment in a city far, far away.

I’m not giving the details quite yet, but it’s along the lines of my big ol’ move to Chicago where I essentially know no one, have no set plans, and am just gonna show up, move into an apartment, and go from there.

Unlike my move to Chicago, it won’t be seven degrees outside:

Also unlike Chicago, I am employed this time with the work-from-home gig I’ve held for six years. I won’t have the freedom to wander nearly as much, but right now I’d rather the money to eat sushi than the time to find sushi places to look into and think about one day eating within.

I put in an application for an apartment in a decent area where I can walk to a few things, park my car without issue, and not have to carry mace everywhere I go. The place also has granite counters, so hopefully that correctly indicates that it’s not a flop house. Add to it that I’m also glad to see a 24 Hour Fitness gym down the way and an easily accessible Wells Fargo bank branch, and you have no doubt that I’m a bona fide adult.

Having moved four times this year (oh wanderlust!), I’ve got things down to a minimum. And by that, I mean that all of my personal effects fit into two boxes, a gym bag, and a suitcase. (My move to Chicago in August included one extra box, so yay me for pairing it down even more!)

My next move will be into an unadorned home where no one else currently resides, so I now have to consider things like dishes, linens, and that really good-smelling spray cleaner you can buy from Target.

Now that I’m in a location with enough space to pack my items in a manner I find acceptable (hurriedly moving out of one’s home via trash bags in seven minutes flat does not bode well for organization), I’m shopping for said items with hopes that settling into my new home doesn’t require multiple excursions to Target — no matter how much I like their cleaning supplies.


3 responses to “Now, and what’s coming up next

  1. San Diego?

  2. I’m requesting the permission to visit you at a moments notice anytime the temps here in chicago drop below Zero.

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