Blog stats and Bodyspace

My blog stats from yesterday threw me off, until I received a message this morning from a guy on my BodySpace account saying how much he enjoyed my blog. With yesterday’s updates to my nerdy muscle account, my profile apparently flashed on some main page and drew people over to check my stuff out. Lo and behold, I had double the hits that I usually do on a day I write an update.

So, a big hello to my BodySpace-referred readers. Welcome!

I’ve been a BodySpace member for a bit now. About a year and a half ago I logged my workouts, but I never really stuck with it. Add to it that my job doesn’t exactly allow enough time to browse the forums (what seems to be the area with the most interaction), and I never really got into it.

With 30 looming (my birthday is officially tomorrow; however, due to recent events with the jerkface ex making my mental health vacillate wildly, 30 has been postponed until further notice (lest I spend the evening with two bottles of Shiraz and back-to-back Lifetime movies)), I’m especially wide-eyed and ashen-faced at the prospect of a dumpy butt. I’ve taken an honest assessment of my genetic predisposition, and it’s a very real concern — even though I realize I’m currently in really good shape. My inflated concern with my appearance has me figuring it’s best to keep up with doing something about it.

So, Bodyspace is a social networking site for people who are really into fitness. There are tools to track your workouts, post and store your progress photos, journal your thoughts or actions for the day, review supplements, etc. There’s also the above-mentioned forum, which I haven’t messed with much. (After all, has really fabulous articles on every topic. There’s not really anything I’d pose to a forum of potential yahoos when I could just look it up in their extensive articles database. Or, ya know, call my fantastically fit baby brother.)

Unlike other social networking sites, I’ve yet to get any dirty messages. (I’m looking at you, men in Chicago on OkCupid, who regularly requested to ejaculate on my face!) The message furthest from a quick, “Welcome to the site!” or “Keep up the good work!” was a kid asking if we could IM. (No, son. I don’t have interest in chatting with a 16-year-old.) And when you consider that site’s users are essentially half-naked in every shot to show off their hard-earned mass or cuts, I’d expect a whole lot more nasty requests.

NOTE: I have chosen at this time to not load any photos beyond my usual face shot. No matter how well-intentioned everyone on the site seems to be, I still don’t want a photo of me in my skivvies on the ‘net.

So, that’s Bodyspace. If you’re also a site member, send me a message for my site name. We can be ‘friends’. Just please don’t ask to… well, you know.


One response to “Blog stats and Bodyspace

  1. Happy B-day! Still 29? 30’s no big deal ya know…. I had my first daughter at 29 and proceeded to turn 30 one month later. You should try that one on for size. Oh, by the way, I’m the dad.

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