Operation: Six Pack continues

Back when I lived in Chicago, you would frequently see me in my ‘work uniform’: a nicely-fitted shirt with my black pencil skirt and a pair of black heels. In the winter, substitute knee-high boots for the sling-backs. When headed for an evening out, I might exchange the skirt for a pair of designer jeans. But really, things stayed about the same. I had that whole sexy librarian thing going on.

To put it mildly, my lifestyle there was a bit more glam than it is now.

My social activities here are more home-oriented: dinner at a friend’s house, BBQs by my pool, lots of time near the lake. With Mission: Six Pack, things have changed there too: minimal booze drinking, plenty of fresh eating, lots of time spent lifting heavy things and running near the above-mentioned lake.

I live a much more settled life, and it’s a good thing for who I am now and what I enjoy doing. Add to it that HOLY CRAP! I’M WEARING THE JEANS I WORE WHEN I WAS SUPER SKINNY AND TWENTY-FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!

There I was, cleaning out my closet, when I rearranged some purses and caught a glimpse of my skinny jeans. My first pair of designer jeans, these are the ones used as a benchmark to make me feel like crap for no longer looking like I looked when I was in my younger years.

Every so often I shimmy my way into the denim, stand in front of a mirror, look at my squeezed-in thighs, and wonder how the heck I’m going to de-sardine myself out of them.

But no more!

With my meanest cowboy face (oh man, my months of blog neglect make that joke so not work…), I reached for the jeans, took a deep breath, and slid them on as I exhaled.

Lo and behold, not only did I not have to hold my breath for fear that I’d pop the button, I also turned around and checked out my butt in a mirror without recoiling in near-30-year-old terror.

There’s no better feeling, even if it involves giving up booze, eating carbs after 5 p.m., and running miles and miles in the Texas evening heat.


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