Jesse and purses

Well, apparently Jesse’s started telling the story of Jesse and Jo. If we were Hollywood types, they’d call us Josse.

Alas, we’re not Hollywood types. But his sister and I are. They call us Mo and Jo, and they even have a yogurt chain in Phoenix named after us. Or at least that’s what we’re pretending while holding hands and skipping into a field of daisies while Jesse and her boyfriend “Anew” are holding our abandoned purses.

On that note, this revitalization of my blog comes because Jesse’s tens of readers are clicking over here, and it’s a little sad that the top entry is months old with photos of my oh-so-many purses.

Sidenote: The light blue Kate Spade had to be retired, and I’ve since replaced with a no-name blue-green bag with a zipper, two outer pockets, an inner pocket, and a buckle. *And* I just found a Coach bag in a local consignment store that makes me wiggle my fingers and chant, “I want, I want, I want,” like it’s a really cute baby who’s old enough to sleep through the night and laugh, yet young enough to think I’m it’s momma and love me forever and ever.

Sub-sidenote: Yeah, yeah. I’m a 29-year-old woman. Babies are getting cuter. Got any comments about my change of heart? Kindly keep them to yourself. Thankyouverymuch, jerks.

I’ll let him continue with the story about how we met online, how we met in real life, and how I fulfilled expectations for being a pain in the ass to the exact amount that people (READ: he) will still put up with it because I say enough funny things to make up for it.

All that being said, I truthfully don’t have much else to say. Life in Houston doesn’t give me much to say. I know I’m leaving in the not-too-distant future, so I haven’t been particularly motivated to meet people or do things outside of family matters. All I really do is work out, and I’ve subsequently lost 14 pounds.

Working and working out don’t make for good blog entries.

That, or I want little evidence of my few months spent here.

Either way, that’ll have to do for now. This is at least something to get the purses off the top of the page. More to come later.


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