Parking lot woes

How is that I cannot for the life of me remember where I parked my car? The other day I came out of the mall and carried the four-year-old all over, looking for what’s been deemed my ‘donkey car’ because of its lovely brown shade of paint.

Up and down the aisle, I carried my 36-pound baby princess, covered in an additional pound of glitter from our outing to ‘the princess store’. The so-called cold front moved in, and she was complaining about her lack of a jacket and trying to snuggle into me, making carrying her exceedingly difficult.

She wasn’t amused when I hoisted her up and asked her to find ‘the donkey’. But there it was, hidden behind a large truck.

Good job, baby girl. You’re better at finding my car than I am.


2 responses to “Parking lot woes

  1. Wait a minute. You have a four year old? I haven’t been gone that long, have I?

  2. It’s all that time in Chicago not driving…it makes you forget where you parked. 🙂

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