Being warm: a necessity

Last week I spent five days in sunny and warm Mexico. I can’t believe I came home.

Yes, I missed my Hambone. Yes, I missed my own bed. Yes, I missed eating my preferred foods, going to the gym, and my friends.

But the water was beautiful.

And the sun warmed me down to my bones.

And there was no email or Facebook.

And I even walked slower while I was there.

Goodness, do I need a change in pace and in life.

Since coming home from dinner on Wednesday, my ventures outside the condo have been minimal. The only things that come to mind are my treks to 7-11 for rations. Today I placed a huge Peapod order, further enabling me to not leave the condo except for work.

I am down to about two weeks left here. My condo is in show-able condition. It’ll be listed on the market early next week. I have boxes packed for my big move to Texas. I’m now calling about how to transport everything.

I’ve got some trepidation, of course. Any big changes would have that. But since coming back from Mexico, I’ve seen even more clearly why Chicago won’t work anymore.

Let the countdown begin.


3 responses to “Being warm: a necessity

  1. Moving back to Texas. You have to come have lunch/dinner with us one day! Meet my kids and all that stuff. Yeah I know I’m a weirdo – shoot me.

  2. People (northerners) always say they’d like to move south but they’re afraid they’d miss the change of seasons. Don’t you believe them!

  3. Glad to hear Mexico was fun.

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures in Texas.

    Hopefully MG and me will join you there one day! 🙂

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