Prop 8: Wrong. Unfair.

Prop 8 is something I feel passionately about. However, I can’t seem to write anything coherent on the matter since it makes NO SENSE to me WHATSOEVER why anyone would care who marries whom.

Jake, though, is someone who feels the same way I do. He summed things up both beautifully and powerfully, and it’s definitely worth a read.

Proposition Hate


3 responses to “Prop 8: Wrong. Unfair.


    Gay Tax Protest. These rallies and marches and petitions and chants and letters and phone calls are tiresome – and so far COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE.

  2. Although I understand the “I’m not a full citizen if I don’t have full rights” stance, not paying taxes will only make you incur late fees and penalties. Just because you disagree with a law, doesn’t free you from your tax liabilities.

  3. I’ve passed on that link a few times. Quality.

    Probably a billion times better than I could say it, so I sent it on to others.

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