I refuse to get sick

I rode the el exactly two stops on Tuesday. In the time between Clark/Lake and Chicago/Franklin, I swear I caught the beginning of a cold. I spent the rest of the night rubbing my nose with the back of my freshly-washed hand.

Living and working in the Loop, I don’t do much el travel anymore. Combine that with my admitted overuse of alcohol-based hand goo, and I’m sure my immune system isn’t as snazzy as those who brave the elements each and every day.

I had to break out the dreaded Neti Pot, the Zicam nose pump, and those Alka-Seltzer-like tabs of concentrated vitamin C. (Am I the only one who tosses the tabs into her mouth whole? Yeah, the bubbles are a little intense, but I swear that half the tab’s contents end up on the side of the glass instead of being dissolved.) Today I also headed to Walgreen’s during lunch for a huge sack of sugar-free vitamin C drops and the above-mentioned hand goo (plus aloe).

If I’ve got a few germs trying to break their ways past my nose’s protective hairs, I’m going to try everything I possibly can to stop those slimy fuckers from making it in. Better living through chemistry!

In addition to bolstering my defenses through artificial means, I’m also trying to take good care of myself. This means ordering juice with my vodka, drinking antioxidant-heavy red wine, and sleeping through my alarm.

I’ll let you know how well this ounce of prevention and heavy preparedness works out for me.


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