How to celebrate a birthday

At 11 p.m. the night before, the phone rings. The caller forgot about the change in time zones, but we were on the phone long enough for him wish me a happy birthday at my midnight.

I smartly moved the phone charger into the livingroom and turned my ringer off so I could sleep until a decent hour. True to my guess, the calls and messages began at 7 with a call from my dad. He couldn’t remember how I old I was, saying, “Happy 28th, 29th, or… close enough, whatever it is.”

The next voicemail was from my three-year-old niece where she forgot the words and just repeated, “Happy birthday to Jo! Happy birthday to Jo!” in her precious little sing-song voice.

Then the texts. And more calls. And the emails. And the e-cards. And the IMs. And the Facebook and MySpace comments.

It’s all very nice and very much appreciated.

Happy birthday to me indeed.


2 responses to “How to celebrate a birthday

  1. Happy belated!

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