Dear Jesse Jackson

Dear Jesse Jackson,

So you’ve been busted using the n-word on tape.

You were pretty quick with the apology on saying that Obama’s nuts should indeed remain intact, but this latest revelation about what else is on that tape is even worse.

Personally, I’m curious to where the outrage is.

Don Imus called a basketball team a bunch of “nappy headed hoes,” and the girls went on Oprah for a healing session. Imus lost his job. When he did get it back eight months later, he was rehired with a huge pay cut.

Michael Richards lost it on stage, went on a completely inappropriate rant, and now isn’t going to work again.

But when you — a moral leader whose entire career is based on eliminating racial demoralization — use the n-word, you ask that we “move on to address the real issues that affect the American people”.

Well, Jesse, this is a real issue. And as someone who has focused his career on equalizing the wrongs that are being done, you should know and understand more than anyone just how real an issue this is.

The thing with the n-word is that no matter who utters it, it’s damaging to the entire group. It’s been nearly 150 years since slavery’s abolition, yet the idea that one’s color can determine one’s character still exists.

Using that word perpetuates the ideas and behavior from this time period. When someone with your status uses it, it illegitimates what both you and our nation have been working toward.

Being black doesn’t give you a free pass to say what you like. This isn’t a term of empowerment among you and your friends. This isn’t a way to induce camaraderie among strangers. This isn’t you trying to relate with others who feel that its use is acceptable.

This is wrong.

The double standards you exhibit are also wrong. You took both Imus and Richards to the chopping block for their words. You still haven’t apologized to the Duke Lacross players who you wrongfully accused of a crime that never occurred. And on a non-racial front, you also had that love child out of wedlock while acting as a representative who promotes morality.

You do far less for the black community than you think you do and you receive credit for. As a professional agitator, you thrive off of racism. Without it, you have no career. But when you contribute to the racism that is alive and well today, you too should be taken to task.

Enough already! Will you please just go away?

— ChicagoJo


4 responses to “Dear Jesse Jackson

  1. I think Jackson feels threatened because Obama has taken his place in the eyes of the public — that’s probably why there’s some tension there. Still, that’s no excuse for uttering the “n” word.

  2. There’s an editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal that addresses this very subject. You can read it at

  3. Jackson’s just pissy because he’s no longer relevant.

  4. Completely off topic… every time I heat that damn “Apple bottom jeans” song, I have this mental image of you singing to your cat.

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