Dear Uplink Chicago

Dear Uplink Chicago,

Before the end of June, I’d had no problems with my at-home Internet connection. It worked, moved quickly, and wasn’t anything I had to even think about. That’s how I like my Internet connection: I pay the $35, and it magically works.

However, when June started wrapping up, I noticed that my Internet stopped working. I tried the normal troubleshooting stuff like restarting my Windows machine. I then turned off the wireless router, let it sit for a bit, and then turned it back on. I took a cord and attached it from my wireless router to my machine. I unplugged everything and went from the wall directly to the computer. I lugged my work laptop home and tried the cord from the wall to the machine. Lo and behold, none of that worked.

It was at this point that I filed a service request seeking help. When a couple days went by without hearing from any Uplink Chicago representative, I called the phone number on your web site. A blurry message told me that Chicago apparently had an outage, but services were restored.

Alas, mine were not.

This is when my attempt to get tech support started in earnest. My first message was a friendly “Hi, this is Jo with service request #69. Please call me back to help resolve the issue.” The next day was met with silence, so I updated my service ticket to say that the issue was still not resolved. The next day had the familiar quiet, so I left a still-somewhat-friendly phone message. I have alternated between the phone and an online service request update for several, several days now.

Today I decided to hit Uplink’s tech support ghost line with both a voicemail and an online update. I informed them that their lack of response was not only ridiculous, but that I noticed today was my billing date and had just changed my billing information so I could not be charged anymore while services were not being rendered.

Wouldn’t you know that the company’s representative finally found time in his busy schedule to call me back?! What an amazing coincidence!

Despite being annoyed that it took me suspending payment to get a simple call returned, I was extremely annoyed when he tried to tell me that my service outage was fixed at the beginning of last week and that all should be working just fine.

Uplink Chicago, riddle me this: Why would I continue to contact you daily if my connection was indeed working?! Do you not think that the first time I got your fuzzy answering machine message saying all was in the clear that I didn’t go home with a little skip to my step with hopes that my connection would again be working? Do you not think I didn’t repeat all of my troubleshooting after service was supposedly reinstated?

Alas, I now have your service representative’s cell phone number saved in my cell phone. And believe me when I say that if I find out that my Internet goes down at 3 a.m., I will be calling Raj to let him know.

— ChicagoJo


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