Dear Cirque du Soleil

Dear Cirque du Soleil,

As a member on the Cirque mailing list, I always look forward to shows coming to Chicago. I enjoy the shows so much that I recommend them to my friends. In fact, this time I’m bringing a large group — myself and eight others.

Whenever I go to purchase tickets for a show of any sort and see that Ticketmaster is being cut out, I’m always pleased. Purchasing tickets with their exorbitant fees takes away some of the excitement of planning to see a show.

This being said, you can imagine my displeasure in the fees charged through the Cirque website. A $7.50 convenience fee? With no other option on how to purchase tickets, this is hardly “convenient”. And the $5 E-Ticket delivery? This is an auto-send program that involves no manual labor after the one-time technical setup.

I expect this tomfoolery from the jerkbags at Ticketmaster. It’s how they make their money. But when your company charges nearly $70 a head, adding another $12.50 per ticket is just fleecing your customers. This is not only ridiculous, but it’s also disappointing.

Your company should be embarrassed by its taking advantage of customers with these ticketing antics. Since my friend has already made the group’s purchase, I can’t do anything about this for the upcoming Kooza show. However, do not expect to get another $82.50 from me.



7 responses to “Dear Cirque du Soleil

  1. Bonjour Jo,

    We are very sorry that you feel the administration fees imposed are unacceptable

    The convenience fees are applied on all ticket sales, regardless of the type of event. While some companies have decided to include them in the price of the ticket, we have opted for a more transparent method that informs the clients where their money goes.

    Those fees basically cover the costs of Box Office operation, software, staff, etc. They allow you the convenience of booking your tickets prior to your show instead of standing in line and making due with whatever tickets are left.

    Best regards,

  2. Cirque du Soleil own the show and the tent etc, they have none of the usual restrictions that force other producers to use TicketMonster. It is sad that they have adopted such cheap (and simplistic) price gouging tactics.

    Yes, some companies are less than transparent, but Cirque have the opportunity to be completely transparent i.e. ONE PRICE delivered.

    As it is at the moment the extra charges are transparent for what they are and I agree with Jo, such double dipping is also very rude to customers. Let alone loyal ones and even more so ones who organise groups.

    $5 E-Ticket delivery!!!!!! Guys (Garcons?) it is self service, i.e. the customer helps them self then pays for the ink/toner and paper to print it out. hmm imagine if airlines did the same.

    $7.50 convenience fee!!!!! We know who this is convenient for, “instead of standing in line”. Oh please, hands up who has even queued in a line for a Cirque show? Hang on, hands up who has queued for a ticket and said ‘gee, I would rather pay $7.50 per ticket to avoid this inconvenience’?

    Aha, so they are alegedly “administration fees” to cover “Box Office operation, software, staff, etc.” This is just charging customers externally for what is an internal department and essentially an internal transfer. Using this logic there will soon be a ‘plastic chair rental fee’, ‘optional ice upgrade with drinks’, ‘straw fees’, hotdogs will be offering ‘Super Sauce Me’ options, ‘performer outfit surcharges’, ‘musicless performances’ for those who did not pay the ‘musician fee’ etc etc.

    Seriously Cirque, you can do better than that. We expect a lot more innovation in *all* areas in an organisation that *has* had a reputation for being new and cutting edge. Continuing on the current ‘non-customer friendly’ path is a sure sign of losing direction and the start of decline.

  3. icannameitin1note

    it’s a bloody (non-transparent) rip-off.

    how much did Mr. Guy Liberte spend to go to space? Oh yeah, $35 million dollars.

  4. 7.50!!! Consider yourself lucky. Cirque is here in Santa Monica and I went in to book 3 tickets and whoa Nelly … a THIRTY FIVE DOLLAR convenience fee for three tickets!!!! I can afford it but refuse to pay it and canceled my order. They have gobs of unsold tickets and I suspect this is part of the reason. I have seen every single show they have ever done here in Santa Moncia and I have been to all of their Vegas shows (O three times). This is the first show I will not see and unless they start remembering who they are preforming for it will NOT be the last that I miss. Hope your reading this Cirque in case your wondering why your having trouble filling that tent.

  5. So are you saying that if I wait and buy tickets at the box office on the night of the show I will not have to pay the $7.50 per ticket convenience fee? Sign me up! If the fee is really to cover the cost of the box office, why not call it a box office fee?

  6. $30.00 fee in Houston (2012) for two tickets plus $5.00 for e-mail delivery. I am almost considering spending $7.00 for real tickets to at least get my money’s worth -for with e-tickets they are using MY paper and MY ink and MY electricity and MY equipment and yet want to charge ME?

  7. I just cancelled an order in Vancouver for the exact same reason, taking a family of 4 with a 20% discount was going to cost $258.50 for the cheapest seats… oh but then add on the ridiculous fees and it went up to $305.50 – quite a difference, and that was with a 20% discount sorry no sale from me!

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