Let’s hear it for everyone

There’s a lot to celebrate lately, and I’m even including the guys this time. In alphabetical order:

Abel just finished the first draft of his second book, and it only took him three months to crank this one out! This timeframe is impressive, but it’s doubly impressive when you add in that he works fulltime, has three kids under the age of four, works out multiple times per week, and values spending time with his amazing wife. For details on his first book, go here. It’s an incredible story that is beautifully written.

Amber is off to her summer intensive session to further work on finishing up her PhD. She’s busting her hump right now to get both work and her household (with a one-year-old) ready for her three-week absence. Everything will be ready, and she’ll be able to completely rock school out without worry.

Ato made it back to Kenya. After years away, she’s finally home. Everything’s going really well for her, and that makes me oh-so-happy.

Brandon is finally understanding stats! He’s working on his master’s, and this is the first class that’s made him have to flex that rockstar brain of his. The funky math is getting easier, and I’m sure he’ll get through the rest of the session without issue.

Carla has stepped up and started addressing her health issues. I’m proud that she’s taken this step and is getting things done. I want her around for a good, long while!

Catie was offered a position that will make her the boss of everything. That includes you and you and you. Well, if you worked for her company. Way to go, senior exec! It won’t be too long until she’s so high in the company that they have to start publishing her salary in the yearly stakeholder report. Beware! I’ll ask for a pony then.

Chaitra has decided to start working out with me each afternoon in my condo’s gym. She’s had a lot of changes in her life lately, and this is definitely a positive one!

Christine made it to Arizona and is doing that Law and Order thing. I still haven’t figured out if she’s the Law or the Order part, so I’ll sum it with like this: DUM DUM!

Dallas successfully moved out and got herself a new job! She’ll be the boss of things and making great money while using that sparkling personality of hers!

Ig took a hush-hush government job and moved to DC. He had things pretty cushy here in Chicago, so it was quite a leap for him. On a funny note, I was interviewed by the agency as a personal reference. Talk about cool!

Jenna starts training soon for her new work-from-home job. She’ll be better able to support her family with these skills, and it’s in one of those fields where I’ll be picking her brain for info. Way to go, Jen!

Kyle moved out and got himself a few jobs! The boy is playing baseball for money (making him somewhat of a professional, right?!), teaching kids the game’s fundamentals. He’s also flexing his muscles, fixing his hair, and flashing his pearly whites for money too. He’s not only talented, but he’s also pretty!

Mike is interviewing for a new teaching job. No more kids who curse at you for trying to teach them about volcanoes!

Nadine is working on being more laid back, and so far she’s doing a great job! Not only does she occasionally go out on a week night now *gasp*, she’s also sleeping past 7:30 occasionally. Good job, Nadine!

Perry got a job singing for a living. The man has an angel’s voice, and now he’s getting paid to use it. Doing what you’re good at and love doing sure beats a random office job! Great work, Perry!

Phil also got himself a new job. Working with fun technology, he’s channeling the dot-com days and working on something that’s up-and-coming. He’s working with great people on a project that is so much better than TPS reports. No need to worry about your cover sheets, Phil!

Wendy — oh man! Where do I start! She just up and moved to Chicago after rocking through law school. She’s oh-so-close to taking the bar, grabbing it by the balls until it shouts, “Uncle!” She’s also started an all-new fitness regime, tapping on muscles that aren’t usually used. Check out the bravery, big brains, and soon-to-be-there muscles on Wendy!


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  1. I know I wrote three months on my blog but techncially it was four. After a month on the first version, I realized it sucked and started over. It was three months to complete the version I liked. 🙂

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