Oh sleep sleep sleep

When you don’t sleep, it’s amazing what another eight hours will let you get done.

I gave my house another clutter shake-down, throwing out two more garbage bags of crap. Books that no one will ever read. Papers full of information that has long since been dealt with. Boxes of stuff I will never send to friends. Auction items I will never list. A lamp I will never find a lightbulb for. On and on and on.

There’s no need to pretend that I’m going to pack it up and haul it to Goodwill. The good feeling I get for donating my old stuff is diminished by the crummy feeling I get for having so much crap in my house, so out it went.

I also sorted through all of my clothes and gave everything the eagle eye. If it didn’t fit just-right or have any chance of fitting again, out it went.

I made a stack of things to move into my basement storage. With the rare chance that I change my air filter or a burned-out lightbulb anytime soon, there’s no reason that my six-foot ladder needs to be in my house. My big ol’ tupperware containers that I used to move in 3.5 years ago also have no reason to be anywhere accessible. Banished to the basement, these bulky items are now out of the way.

This big spring cleaning was also followed up by an actual cleaning. The livingroom, bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchen are spotless, and the office is soon following, currently with a huge stack to review. The toilets have blue water, countertops don’t have hair (mine or the feline variety) all over them, and there’s no slime in the ice machine.

When I used the vacuum and saw that nothing was being picked up, I played Ms. Fix-it and horked with the settings (a flathead screw driver was necessary twice). Twenty minutes later, the above-mentioned strands and tuffs of hair were sucked into the tube.

Two of my four side tables have been stained and are waiting to go into storage. The other two will be dealt with tonight to join the rest of the stuff banished to the basement.

Food for the next three days is cooked.

The book I’ve been laboring through is complete.

I came up with a side business to bring in passive income.

I drafted a plan for two books to write (in addition to the one I already wrote 65% of) when I enter semi-retirement at the end of the year.

And, yeah, I apparently wrote a blog really early in the morning without remembering it.

After staying up all night, I hauled myself to the gym the next morning and then went to work. I had to get a little shut-eye in the middle of the day, but I soldiered on otherwise. That night I joined a friend for a class at his gym, then I ate dinner and prepared for bed.

The sleep I slept that night was the sleep of the gods. It was glorious! Restful, rejuvenating, and exactly what I needed! I woke up the next morning ready to conquer the day.

It seems that my one night of no sleep was exactly what I needed, since last night was another night of sleep to rave about. I bounded up at 6:15 and headed right to the gym, happy as can be — an unknown occurrence for any hour before 9 a.m.!

And as I wind my evening down and prepare to get to bed at a decent hour, here’s to hoping that these past two nights are the norm from here on out.

Sleep. Yeah, it’s kinda important.

G’nite all.


One response to “Oh sleep sleep sleep

  1. What are the two books you’re planning to write? Email me if you don’t want to post it on the blog.

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