Counting sheep never worked for me

I’m still awake. This sucks.

Lately I’ve been distracting my insomnia with MSNBC. I may not be going to bed at a decent hour, but I feel smarter, more informed, and more fired up about what’s going on in this nation.

My previous entry does more than merely allude to my increasing crush on Keith Olbermann. Ooh la la.

If I ever find myself out and feeling social, I’ll certainly have several speaking points to hit on. Just what I need… More opinions!

Along those lines, I spent my evening and early-morning hours rummaging through my house. Browsing the summer clothes bin, I managed to toss out a good amount of crap. I’ve got quite a stack to take to the clothes exchange place.

I’ve been toying with putting this place on the rental market and getting a complete hole in a fun neighborhood, and that’ll require me to scale down. I’m pretty good about keeping the clutter down in my house, but there’s always room for improvement. The exchange stack is proof of that.

The gym opens in eight minutes, and I’ll soon be packing it up to head there. I figure it’s time to get my day started. Here’s to hoping this is my chance to reset my internal clock and get back to getting a decent night’s sleep.

Good morning, all. Hope your nights were dream-filled and restful.


One response to “Counting sheep never worked for me

  1. Does that mean you’re not sleeping at all or just not nearly enough?

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