Crazy carbs and the sexes

For years I’ve noticed that I have a particularly high mix of both masculine and feminine traits. I find myself shaking my head and pulling out the tissues at women acting on their emotions and grabbing guys by their shirt collars when they’re being overly aggressive.

It’s not that I’m this perfectly balanced person who can wear the fluffy dresses while blasting through the glass elevator while asserting my position in big, important board meetings. In essence, bar fights sometimes happen, and I have no handicap when I pound someone while I’m wearing a skirt and three-inch heels.

I kid, I kid.

However, today I’ve been reading about the effects of low-carb eating on one’s mood. Reports say that women following plans such as Atkins find themselves becoming overly emotional, while men are overly aggressive. I seem to be straddling the gender line on this topic too.

My low-carbing has been going fine. I can’t attribute everything positive to the changes I’ve made in my diet (common sense and lifting lots of weights gets credit too), but I can say that this year’s winter depression is the worst I’ve ever had.

Yesterday I spent half the day either lying on the floor and weeping or hoping that people would completely avoid me so I didn’t end up knocking them one in the kisser. Weep-worthy causes include such items as Hambone throwing up on my backpack, not having the energy to pick up the phone to call on a property, and friends calling to invite me to Target. Punchy moments came immediately before I cried because Hambone puked on my backpack, when someone didn’t hold the elevator for me, and when someone was too loud on the phone in the lobby.

Rationality clearly isn’t my strong point right now.

Medication is not an option. I’ve got about two months before I’m in the clear. Since it takes six weeks of trying something before you know whether or not it works, it’s pretty well useless. And considering the side effects, I know good and well that I’m not going to beat any depression if I’m putting on weight, have bad skin, and lose my sex drive (no matter how unused it might be). I’ll pass.

Reading up on the low-carb articles, though, I’ve decided that I can eat some cereal in the name of not being crazy.

Bring on the Cheerios.


2 responses to “Crazy carbs and the sexes

  1. I read this entry and then actually had to look online to find out what foods are high in carbs and what aren’t. Obviously I’m way behind on my dieting trends. What I found is that my diet is basically all carbs. Is there anybody out there that recommends a high carb diet to lose weight? I’m just guessing weight loss must be your intent. If you burn more calories than you take in it doesn’t matter what you eat does it? Well a steady diet of Fannie Mae doesn’t sound like a good idea, though it would be fun for a little bit. I don’t gain weight and it seems like I eat constantly. Maybe you need to experiment a little and not be so rigid in your adherence to a specific plan.

  2. Bread-y and starchy carbs spike insulin levels, making them no good for weight loss. However, if you’re running long distances several days a week, you need these sorts of carbs for stored energy.

    I’m not on much of a weight loss kick right now, but I am working out differently. With my change going from cardio (mostly running) to muscle-building (weight-lifting), I need to eat differently to effectively “feed” my muscles. My protein intake has gone up significantly; and in turn, my muscle mass has increased.

    With protein replacing a good portion of my total caloric intake, I’m focusing my carbs on vegetables. There’s certainly more nutrition in a spinach and bell pepper salad than in a couple slices of bread.

    I’m now researching carb intake and its effects on serotonin levels. I’ll see what I find.

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