Let’s hear it for the girls

I was thinking about it the other day and got a good laugh at how much I’ve learned from having girl friends. OPI making the best nail polish? Shirts that aren’t just a solid Old Navy Perfect Tee? Heels with jeans? Bikini waxes that do more than just give a landing strip?


In addition to learning all of this useful stuff, I’m surrounded by really wonderful people who do some amazing things. Thinking about these women prompted me to write out a list. A lot has been going on!

Christine is off to Phoenix soon to be an even bigger and better attorney! She’ll be the Law side of Law and Order, and I’m so proud that she’s sought this opportunity, saw it through, and is making her move to the unknown.

Joy is wrapping up her second year of Georgetown Law! Like Christine, she made a choice, took action, and moved to the unknown. I’m also proud of her for stepping outside of what was comfortable and making things happen. One day I’ll certainly protest against some environmental law she’s seeking to pass; but even then I’ll be cheering her on.

Catie just got the highest job review EVER in her entire company. And since her company is made up of rockstar do-gooders who make life easier for people touched by autism, that’s saying a lot. She’s also raising funds in her annual walk for Autism Speaks. Click here to read more.

Crystal is taking action to grow her business. Pretty soon there will be a billboard along the highway to advertise her services. Yahoo! Way to invest in yourself!

Amber just made it through her daughter’s first bout of the stomach bug. That’s no small feat!

Jamie is taking part in a 39-mile walk to raise awareness for breast cancer. For more information, click here.

Carla finally got the guts to apply for a new job. When you’ve got it easy and have great coworkers, it’s hard to think about leaving — even if a move will further your career. No matter what happens, she at least sent out that first resume.

Chaitra is now engaged. She’s been in the country for a little over a year and landed herself a very fine man who she wants to spend her life with. May she be an inspiration to those of us who have been in this country for 28 years and have yet to find a man who she wants to spend more than a few days with. Ahem.

Melinda is wrapping up her PhD and deciding where to settle down and call home. There’s something sexy about being Dr. Melinda!

Corrin is also walking a bunch and raising money to combat cancer. A friend from high school passed away in December, so she’s walking in her memory. Click here for the details.

Nicolle recently graduated with her MBA and landed herself a fancy job in a city that isn’t an absolute frozen tundra and has mountain biking trails. Plenty to celebrate there!

Teresa successfully launched and is staying busy with her cupcakes. Check out Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique, and keep an eye out for a retail location soon!

Nadine is again running the Chicago Marathon to benefit Chicago’s Children’s Memorial hospital. By this time, she’ll have qualified for Boston, making her officially an elite running badass! More information can be found here.

And finally, there’s me. I put in an offer earlier this week for an investment property. There will be several more offers in the very near future, but that first one (and the daunting task of coming up with enough moolah for an all-cash and very fast closing) is scary.


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